Los Mohanes La Tumbia

Release date:
June 2, 2023
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This work is the result of a musical exploration between Joseph Muñoz and Faunes Efe where their principal influence was the traditional rhythms of Colombian caribbean territory like Cumbia, Porro and Vallenato, merging it with other musical styles like IDM, Ambient, Industrial, Techno, Drone, Field Recordings, No Wave and everything they felt like to listen. The recording process of this album was made by processing acoustic percussion, voices, samples and field recordings of the atlantic coast in Sucre, Colombia.Voices in La Cumbia Salió de la Tumba - Alis Voices in El Bembeo - Silverio Mercado Voices in El Porro Ninja - Joseph Muñoz Field recording, Samples - Joseph Muñoz Guitar, Bass, mix - Faunes Efe Samples of Cumbia Moribunda - "Cumbia Del Monte - Pedro Laza" Samples of El Viento del Mar - "Cumbia Negra - Carlos Roman" y "El Cóndor Herido - Diomedes Díaz"

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