Release date:
July 19, 2024
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Double LP, Milky Clear w/ Black splatter. Exclusive colourway for US retail - includes lyric sheet. The UK's first and only emo band Los Campesinos! Return with their highly-anticipated seventh album, All Hell. It is perhaps their most ambitious and assured album yet, whilst simultaneously recalling everything we've come to love about LC! #over their faultless discography. Recorded between October 2023 and February 2024, it is the first album to be wholly self-produced by band member Tom Bromley (having co-produced previous albums Sick Scenes and NO BLUES). The album is also self-released on the band's own Heart Swells record label. In the band's words All Hell is an album about... Drinking for fun and drinking for misery // adult acne // adult friendship // football // death and dying // love and sex // late-stage capitalism // Orpheus // day dreaming // night terrors // the heart as an organ and as a burden // Tears of the Kingdom // the punks on the playlist // increments of time // climate apocalypse // the moon the moon the moon///

  • 1. The Coin-Op Guillotine
  • 2. Holy Smoke (2005)
  • 3. A Psychic Wound
  • 4. I. Spit; or, a Bite Mark in the Shape of the Sunflower State
  • 5. Long Throes
  • 6. Feast of Tongues
  • 7. The Order of the Seasons
  • 8. II. Music for Aerial Toll House
  • 9. To Hell in a Handjob
  • 10. Clown Blood/Orpheus' Bobbing Head
  • 11. KMS
  • 12. III. Surfing a Contrail
  • 13. Moonstruck
  • 14. 0898 Heartache
  • 15. Adult Acne Stigmata

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