Loren Connors Beautiful Dreamer

Release date:
August 21, 2020
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Beautiful Dreamer is a two-part suite dedicated to Steve Dalachinsky - an original among New Yorkers and every- one else; an indefatigable supporter of the avant garde;an ingenious poet; and a close friend to legendary guitar- ist Loren Connors. Connors recorded these two solo guitar pieces shortly before Dalachinsky's passing in September 2019. Afterward, Connors returned to the music, and for the first time, used post-production to transform his real- time improvisations into an ethereal soundwork. The music is unmistakably Connors - a rich, ghostly tone birthed from the blues - yet a new direction where slow- ness reveals a spectrum of shifting notes like a small choir, from rumbling baritones to vibrating sopranos. Beautiful Dreamer equally honors the dreams of Dalachinsky and cap- tures the suspension of the Auguste Rodin dancer on the cover. Connors began self-releasing records of his singular guitar improvisations and compositions in 1978. Since, he's been lauded as an iconic avant blues visionary by the likes Ameri- can roots scholar/Grammy winner William Ferris.

  • 1. Beautiful Dreamer, Part 1
  • 2. Beautiful Dreamer, Part 2

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