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Loose Behaviour -Sad Action

Loose Behaviour

Sad Action

Release date: August 07, 2020
Sad Action is the debut album from Loose Behaviour. A bonafide supergroup featuring members of The Slow Death, The Raging Nathans, The Arteries and the legendary Mikey Erg from The Ergs. 10 beautiful and melancholy songs in 30 minutes that contain sing along hooks, major lead riffs and tons of feedback. The songs range from throbbing slow jams to fast paced punk tunes. A totally unique blend of styles give this album substance and texture.Combine that with the high quality songwriting and lyrics and you get this amazing record. The range of songs will appeal to fans of Rock and Roll, Punk Rock and Alt-Country. Think Townes Van Zandt meets the Ramones with gravely vocals. Think Bruce Springsteen meets Johnny Thunders. Recorded and mixed by the infamous Chris Pierce (Doc Hopper, Sinkhole) at Volume IV in New Brunswick, NJ.
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07 August 2020 / More records