Logan Kane Floor Plans

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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Logan Kane, one of jazz's most sought-after young bassists and a prominent figure in LA's thriving creative music scene, is proud to present Floor Plans, his first recording at the helm of an acoustic jazz quintet. Kane's first full-length, NOPE,SCIENCE (2020), showcased his adventurous writing for nonet, while Planet Mirrors (2021) was electronic, catchy, riotously inventive, with Kane playing all instruments and singing (in the company of several guests). On Floor Plans, Kane is heard mainly on upright bass, the instrument he plays extensively as a sideman with the likes of Steve Lehman, Ari Hoenig, Becca Stevens, Justin Brown, Edward Simon and Joel Ross, to name a few. The music is imposingly dense and ambitious, with rhythmic precision and soaringly complex melodic arcs, every moment of it fired by the extraordinary players in Kane's band. Kane self-produced his previous albums, but on Floor Plans he brings in prolific alto saxophonist and composer David Binney to serve in that role. Hugely influential on the New York jazz scene for decades, Binney returned to his native California six years ago and became a magnet for LA's extraordinary rising talents. He featured Kane on Tomorrow's Journey, his jaw-dropping small-group acoustic outing for Ghost Note, as well as two tracks of the 2018 electronic release Here & Now. Binney not only produces Floor Plans, he gets his hands in the dirt of the highly demanding music, playing alto throughout and joining eminent tenor saxophonist Mark Turner on two tracks, Mountains and Digit. Dave is probably the biggest influence on me in my career, Kane remarks. He really catapulted us into a new understanding of what was possible in music. I was one of the first bass players he played with after he moved here, and I've played with him quite a bit ever since. He's really imprinted on me a willingness to do a lot of different stuff -- I have a lot of music where I'm singing, using electronics, mixing and mastering things

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