Löwenzahnhonig Löwenzahnhonig

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March 29, 2024
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Somewhere in the universe of music there’s a waiting room where bandnames patiently await their musicians. There, the name Löwenzahnhonig spent a long while waiting for December 21st, 2021. On that day, Fai Baba entered Long Tall Jefferson’s studio in Zürich to play guitar with him. It’s not too surprising that Paul Märki, formerly bass player with Black Sea Dahu, was also present - what with him being part-owner of the studio. As it happened, Fai Baba and Long Tall Jefferson began playing. Paul started listening. Half an hour later, he was playing the drums and they found themselves playing a song they did not know yet: Winter Solstice. It’s around that time that it must have dawned on them, that they were under the spell of a mighty band name finally meeting its destiny. Be that as it may, session followed session, song followed song, month followed month. Until, finally, they realised that they were a band and had recorded an album. Nobody seems to remember who came up with the name, which makes sense as, clearly, it was the name that came up with the band. Löwenzahnhonig is a name that’s as pretty and involved as a morning swim on a moor lake; asparagus risotto with mint and pear chutney; a stretching routine at dawn. Fittingly, they have created the only album of 2023 that goes well with taking the kids to bed, running a half marathon, repairing the bike, having a sunday breakfast with the family or having a medium sized nervous breakdown. In order or all at once. It remains unclear just why two of the most exciting swiss songwriters (Long Tall Jefferson & Fai Baba) do this across ten songs without singing a single word, but that must have something to do with the name Löwenzahnhonig as well. Likely, it was reserved for an instrumental indie record with cool-jazz vibes that allows three highly talented musicians to focus on the one thing that really matters: their shared love of music.

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