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Locate S 1 -Personalia

Locate S 1


Release date: May 01, 2020
Color vinyl
Format: Colored Vinyl
Syle: Rock
Limited green vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Working under various aliases since 2014 - including CE Schneider Topical, Jepeto Solutions, Christina Schneider's Genius Grant and now Locate S, 1 - Christina Schneider explored everything from groovy garage rock to minimalist bedroom pop to Syd Barrett-style psychedelia. Buoyed by her desire to create the same "crazy, powerful feeling" she gets when she hears an ABBA or Kate Bush song, she reached again for the outer limits of pop music and recorded Personalia, her sophomore album as Locate S, 1.
  • 1.Sancimitus Detrimitus
  • 2.Whisper 2000
  • 3.Personalia
  • 4.After the Final Rose
  • 5.Classical Toys
  • 6.Even the Good Boys Are Bad
  • 7.Community Porn
  • 8.Hot Wife
  • 9.Hello
  • 10.Futureless Hives of Bel Air
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01 May 2020 / More records