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Little Hands Of Aspahlt - Half Empty

Little Hands Of Aspahlt

Half Empty

Release date: June 05, 2020
Format: LP Album
12' vinyl with download code. Their first output in almost a decade. The band picks up the thread where they left off; low-key pearls with hints of indie and Americana, but primarily classic, timeless pop. Lyseid elaborates on the influences for the album: 'I think the usual suspects that always get referred to are still pre-sent: Elliot Smith, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes. However, what informed this record stylistically is more my love for other artists and genres: 60's crooning (Scott Walker, Sinatra), European art pop (Serge Gainsbourg, Can), modern Nashville country and 90's (Swedish) power pop.' The Little Hands of Asphalt is the solo project of Sjur Lyseid, whom released two records and a couple of EPs under the same moniker back in 2009-2012. album, Floors, from 2012, received critical acclaim in Lyseid's home of Norway, and was voted the sixth best rec-ord of the year in the Norwegian national newspaper VG. Press praised Lyseid's melodic qualities; and was been frequently highlighted as one of Norway's sharpest songwriters in English. The band toured most major festivals in Nor-way, and a lot on the continent. Since then, the project has been quiet, and Lyseid has primarily worked as a producer and songwriter for other artists at his Six Feet Over studios in Oslo. Now he's back in front of the glass, with what may be the project's strongest songs ever. There are numerous guest appearances through the record, including Allo Darlin's Elizabeth Morris on No Reception, and members of Jaga Jazzist, Sunturns, Moddi, Making Marks and Apothek all contribute throughout the LP.
  • 1. Begin Again
  • 2. Foreverest
  • 3. No Reception
  • 4. Drinking Song
  • 5. Random Quotes From F.
  • 6. Writing About Music
  • 7. Dystopian Sci-fi
  • 8. Six Feet Over
  • 9. Accidents & Time
  • 10. The Buildings, Then the Trees
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05 June 2020 / More records