Linda Carriere Produced by Haruomi Hosono

Release date:
August 9, 2024
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Linda Carriere's fantastic debut album produced by Haruomi Hosono in 1977. All lyrics were written by James Regan. Composed by Haruomi Hosono (4 songs), Tatsuro Yamashita (2 songs), Minako Yoshida (2 songs), Akiko Yano (1 song), and Hiroshi Sato (1 song). 10 songs in total were newly written by a superb team of artists. At the time, a small number of test pressings of the rough mixes were distributed to insiders for promotional purposes, but they were never released. The album has received numerous requests for it's release, and now it is finally being released with the latest mix by GOH HOTODA in the presence of Haruomi Hosono!Profile:Born in New Orleans. She began singing at a youth club called Mavericks Flat in Los Angeles, where she moved to attend UCLA. She caught the attention of Haruomi Hosono, who was looking for a vocalist for the first production produced by ALFA MUSIC, and in 1977 she recorded the album 'Linda Carriere' in Tokyo. After that, she joined the legendary R&B group DYNASTY and continued her professional career. Tracklist:A1. Up On His LuckWords by James Regan Music by Tatsuro YamashitaA2 Loving Makes It SoWords by James Raygun Music by Minako YoshidaA3. Sunday GirlWords by James Raygun Music by Haruomi HosonoA4. All That BadWords by James Raygun Music by Haruomi HosonoA5. Proud SoulWords by James Raygun Music by Minako YoshidaB1. Laid Back Mad Or MellowWords by James Reagan Music by Akiko YanoB2. Child On An Angel's ArmWords by James Regan Music by Haruomi HosonoB3. VertigoWords by James Reagan Music by Hiroshi SatoB4. Love CelebrationWords: James Reagan Music byTatsuro YamashitaB5. SocratesLyrics by James Reagan Music by Haruomi Hosono

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