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Lights - Skin&earth Acoustic


Skin&earth Acoustic

Release date: July 12, 2019
Skin&Earth Acoustic marks a new era for Lights. Not only is the singer releasing her album July 12 but she has announced that she has signed with Fueled By Ramen. Skin&Earth Acoustic looks to be the singers best acoustic effort yet. Completely produced and mixed by Lights herself, the singer went above and beyond for this release to make it feel as authentic as the Skin&Earth comic by recording it in settings corresponding to their chapters in the comics.Skin& Earth Acoustic features acoustic versions of 7 tracks taken from 2017’s Skin&Earth album, plus 3 NEW TRACKS.
  • 1. Skydiving (Cliff Recording)
  • 2. Until the Light (Truck Cab Recording)
  • 3. Savage (Rain Recording)
  • 4. New Fears (Bedroom Recording)
  • 5. We Were Here (Tunnel Recording)
  • 6. Kicks (River Recording)
  • 7. Almost Had Me (Desert Recording)
  • 8. Tabs
  • 9. Lost Girls
  • 10. Down Forever
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12 July 2019 / More records