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Life's Torment -Hindsight

Life's Torment


Release date: July 10, 2020
Label: To Live A Lie
Las Vegas power trio Life's Torment slap out twenty-six fastcore tracks on their freshman LP. The band summons the passion and speed of LACK OF INTEREST by with cleaner vocals. Something about the meridian that runs down that part of the country where you can draw a connection between their sound and HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, in fact both band's drummer shares a bulk of the vocal duties. If you like fast music you can skate to, Life's Torment is the band for you. Think the aesthetic of SUICIDAL TENDANCIES mixed with the sound of Dirty Rotten era D.R.I.
  • 1.Caution to the Wind
  • 2.By the Wayside
  • 3.Alligator Trap Door
  • 4.Balderdash
  • 5.Entrapment
  • 6.Burden
  • 7.Mental Bastard
  • 8.Eat Crow
  • 9.Deadbeat
  • 10.Blood Red
  • 11.Delusional
  • 12.Instrumental VII
  • 13.Denial Is Easy
  • 14.Error of Ways
  • 15.Fool's Gold
  • 16.Forked Road
  • 17.Such a Drag
  • 18.Through the Mud
  • 19.Enabled
  • 20.Zilch
  • 21.Obsessive Lust
  • 22.Leeches
  • 23.Rethink
  • 24.Fuck Yesterday
  • 25.All Gone Wrong
  • 26.Loss for Words
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