Liars Wixiw Recycled

Release date:
October 6, 2023
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WIXIW is the next album to be released in the Liars’ limited edition recycled color vinyl reissue series. Initially released in 2012, WIXIW was Liars’ sixth full-length album as a band (Angus Andrew, Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross). It somehow provided a summation of Liars’ work preceding the record, whilst also providing a complete break from anything that had been heard from the band. Recorded in L.A., the album was self-produced by the band, with additional production from Mute’s Daniel Miller and mixing by Tom Biller. It illustrated an ambiguous, fragile in-between state for Liars, being considered as both their most accessible and most challenging album.

  • 1. The Exact Color of Doubt
  • 2. Octagon
  • 3. No.1 Against the Rush
  • 4. A Ring On Every Finger
  • 5. Ill Valley Prodigies
  • 6. WIXIW
  • 7. His and Mine Sensations
  • 8. Flood to Flood
  • 9. Who Is the Hunter
  • 10. Brats
  • 11. Annual Moon Words

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