Leroy SE Meurt Voue A Rouiller

Release date:
December 22, 2023
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Leroy SE Meurt is a French musical duo known for their eclectic and experimental sound. Formed in 2018 in Paris, their music can be described as a fusion of various genres, abrasive and hypnotic, an energetic old school EBM fused with fierce electro and bound by punk ethos.Retaining the minimalist and raw qualities of punk rock, and replacing the complement traditional punk rock instruments like guitars and drums with drum machine and synthesizers, LSM sound is characterized by a blend of influences, including electronic, experimental, and noise elements, which contribute to their unique and distinctive style. If you enjoy post-punk music or are interested in exploring this genre, you may find aspects of it in Leroy SE Meurt's work, but their music also transcends traditional genre boundaries.

  • 1. A1 - Baski Iklimi
  • 2. A2 - Yanan Kurban
  • 3. A3 - Kacis
  • 4. A4 - Cre've Tes Yeux Et Regarde
  • 5. B1 - Veuve 909
  • 6. B2 - Liquide
  • 7. B3 - Bencil Ilki
  • 8. B4 - Orage

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