Leon Rosselson Chronicling The Times

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October 27, 2023
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Leon Rosselson has been at the forefront of songwriting in England for over sixty years. For Chronicling the Times, Rosselson delved into his storied political satirists song catalog to assemble seventeen of his favorite recordings. Featuring English folk luminaries such as Martin Carthy and Billy Bragg, this collection proves that Rosselson, now well into his 80s, has created an oeuvre comparable to other social critics such as Phil Ochs. His song The World Turned Upside Down was taken into the pop charts by Billy Bragg and covered by artists including Dick Gaughan and Chumbawamba. Billy Bragg deftly summed up his career: Leon Rosselson is the embodiment of the original ideals of punk rockusing fearless wit and political integrity to highlight the hypocrisies of those in power.

  • 1. Song of the Old Communist
  • 2. Stand Firm
  • 3. Across the Hills
  • 4. Ballad of a Spycatcher
  • 5. Flower Power = Bread
  • 6. She Was Crazy, He Was Mad
  • 7. Topside Down Party
  • 8. Rules of the Game
  • 9. Postcards from Cuba
  • 10. Bringing the News from Nowhere
  • 11. General Lockjaw Briefs the Troops
  • 12. Where Are the Barricades?
  • 13. Talking Democracy Blues
  • 14. Wo Sind Die Elefanten? (Where Are the Elephants?)
  • 15. The World Turned Upside Down (Part 2)
  • 16. The Ghost of Georges Brassens
  • 17. Stand Up for Judas

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