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Leo Abrahams / Shahzad Ismaily -Visitations

Leo Abrahams / Shahzad Ismaily


Release date: April 02, 2021
Label: Figureight
Vinyl LP pressing. London-based guitarist and producer Leo Abrahams and NYC master musician (and boss of figureeight records) Shahzad Ismaily unite for a unique imagining of guitar music on Visitations. The work of two highly skilled, highly celebrated musicians, Visitations marks a curious, mysterious, uncanny collection of music, offering a take on guitar playing that snakes and collides with unexpected turns. It encourages - requires even - a deep listening experience, every discordance balanced with harmony, every darkness balanced with light; it is eloquent and subtle in equal measure. Influenced by the meditative, subtly changing cellular iterations of Morton Feldman and the sonic austerity of early Roy Montgomery, these minimalistic and anti-virtuosic pieces are not easily categorized. Abrahams writes "Visitations represents the sound of two slightly jet-lagged fellow-travelers saying hello to each other, before passing on through."
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02 April 2021 / More records