Lazy Sunday Another Summer

Release date:
February 16, 2024
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Lazy Sunday’s first LP “Another Summer” is what bassist KT Austin has called a “90’s nostalgia pop-punk” record about love. The band says, "This record is all about big feelings from the past, present and future. Big firsts, big lasts, and letting go.” Songs like Differentiation and Flutter bust out of the gate with classic pop-punk tempos layered with singers Rani Gupta and B Okabe’s dreamy melodies. The album’s finale, Closer, reveals Lazy Sunday’s ability to play slower, spacier songs and showcases the production work of drummer Jeremy Dunlap. 1. Everything You Wanted 2. Differentiation 3. Long Con 4. Late 5. You Said 6. Ego Trip 7. Peaches 8. Flutter 9. For An Old Friend 10.Another Summer in MA 11. Closer

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