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Latin Quarter -Radio Africa

Latin Quarter

Radio Africa (2xLP)

Release date: July 17, 2020
Format: Double Vinyl
Latin Quarter were an underrated musical force of the mid to late eighties, best-known for the song Radio Africa, a haunting, melodic, reggae-tinged track. The single was never off the radio through the early part of 1986 and reached the top 20 in January that year. Although the follow-up single, 'Nomzamo (One People One Cause)' failed to match the commercial success of it's predecessor the track was typical of the group's political stance and their musical influences from around the world. This collection features tracks taken from the three albums 'Modern Times', 'Mick And Caroline' and 'Swimming Against The Stream'. Among the many highlights on this album are 'A Slow Waltz For Chile', attacking the Pinochet regime in that country, 'Sandinista', taking up the Nicaraguan cause from The Clash, 'No Rope As Long As Time', which illustrated the futility of violence in South Africa (and the West's concern for Mandela and Soweto) and also the lilting, beautiful acoustic track 'The Colourscheme'. Enjoy listening to eighteen of Latin Quarter's finest songs, compiled on vinyl for the first time, and rediscover some very well-crafted, intelligent pop music. Available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on orange (LP1) and green (LP2) vinyl.
  • 1.A Slow Waltz for Chile
  • 2.Radio Africa
  • 3.America for Beginners
  • 4.Sandinista
  • 5.Burn Again
  • 6.Auguste
  • 7.Weatherman
  • 8.Ed Murrow
  • 9.The Colour Scheme
  • 10.The Men Below
  • 11.Cora
  • 12.No Rope As Long As Time
  • 13.Race Me Down
  • 14.Toulouse
  • 15.Nomzamo
  • 16.One Fell Swoop
  • 17.Nothing Like Velvet
  • 18.Swimming Against the Stream
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17 July 2020 / More records