Lapsley Cautionary Tales Of Youth

Release date:
February 3, 2023
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Produced in collaboration with Jessy Lanza, Paul White, Greg Abrahams and regular collaborator Joe Brown, Lapsley's third album is an intimate but universal exploration of those Cautionary Tales that - eventually - may also prove the making of you. As eclectic as it is unguarded, the album is a form of therapy in the truest sense: a talking cure and a hauntingly beautiful confession, resulting in a thrilling yet soulful work of love, loss and growth.

  • 1. 32 Floors
  • 2. Hotel Corridors
  • 3. Paradise
  • 4. Close to Heaven
  • 5. Dial Two Seven
  • 6. Nightingale
  • 7. War and Peace
  • 8. Levitate
  • 9. Smoke and Fire
  • 10. Pandora's Box
  • 11. Lifeline
  • 12. Say I'm What You Need

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