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 Lapalux -Amnioverse


Amnioverse (2xLP)

Release date: November 08, 2019
Label: Brainfeeder
British producer of exalted electronics Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) returns to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label for his fourth album. The title 'Amnioverse' is 'a sort of portmanteau of the amniotic sac and the universe that revolves around notions of fluidity and the notion that birth, life, death, and rebirth is a never ending continuum'. He channels these ethereal ideas through a new and ever-expanding modular synth set-up, effortless spanning tempos and balancing space and texture, injecting human emotion and layering recordings of weather, wind, rain and fire, to invoke an elemental, celestial feel. Howard cites James Turrell (an American artist primarily concerned with Light and Space) as a primary inspiration for the music on 'Amnioverse'. He also reconnects with Icelandic vocalist JFDR on 'Thin Air' and 'The Lux Quadrant', as well as new vocalist Lilia on 'Limb To Limb'. 'For me the real focus was that the whole record flowed,' he says. 'I worked on each song sequentially and wouldn't stop working on a session until they threaded together and told the story that I wanted to tell.'
  • 1.Oblivion
  • 2.Voltaic Acid
  • 3.Momentine
  • 4.Earth
  • 5.Hellix
  • 6.Thin Air
  • 7.Limb To Limb
  • 8.The Lux Quadrant
  • 9.Amnioverse
  • 10.Esc
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08 November 2019 / More records