La Bibliotheque De La Bergerie La Bibliotheque de la Bergerie

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November 24, 2023
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La Bibliothèque de la Bergerie is the new all-star project from producer Emmanuel Mario (Astrobal). 11 evocative and exhilarating instrumental tracks, ranging from synthetic to acoustic, from detailed pop writing to sonic experimentation.He is accompanied here by his companions Julien Gasc, Nina Savary and Vincent Guyot (as Ulysses' companions were known). Each contributes to the composition, arrangement and instrumentation of this colorful and enchanting odyssey.Mario and Savary have been living for years in an isolated former sheepfold in the South of France, and have gradually gathered around them a band of artists and musicians who have come to escape their daily lives. The compositions in La Bibliotheque de la Bergerie were born of this timeless space of freedom.Each musician's musical obsessions can be found on the album, as they travel from one track to the next: soundtracks like the ones of de Roubaix or Alessandroni (Le Fleuve de la Nuit), experimental and classy pop like Stereolab/High Llamas (Loterie Solaire) or primary and repetitive electronic music (Tous A Zanzibar tome 3).The choirs and mixed voices of Nina Savary and Julien Gasc add a sunny, melancholy touch to the whole (En Attendant L'Année Dernière).The name Bibliothèque de la Bergerie is a double nod to Library Music, a trend in musical illustration for TV and radio that had it's heyday in the 60s, 70s and 80s. And to the aforementioned bergerie, a living space and creative studio.The more observant may also have noticed the titles of the tracks, taken from the novels of the golden age of science fiction. Emmanuel Mario and his friends invite you to escape to another time.The album will be released on vinyl on the Freaksville label on October 6, 2023.

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