L'rain I Killed Your Dog

Release date:
October 13, 2023
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L’Rain’s I Killed Your Dog takes the universal pop theme of love as its starting point and inspects it through the form of a conversation — bold, bratty and even a touch diabolical – with her younger self. In the process of over-writing themes of grief and identity that informed her previous work, I Killed Your Dog considers what it means to hurt the people you love the most, and untangles her relationship with femininity and the formal musical conventions that others have placed on her. A1. Sincerity Commercial A2. Our Funeral A3. Pet Rock A4. I Hate My Best Friends A5. I Killed Your Dog A6. All the Days You Remember A7. 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG) B1. Sometimes B2. r(EMOTE) B3. Uncertainty Principle B4. Oh Wow, a Bird! B5. Knead Bee B6. Monsoon of Regret B7. Clumsy B8. What’s That Song? B9. New Year’s UnResolution

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