Kusimanten Studio Konzert

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October 6, 2023
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Kusimanten is a jazz trio consisting of Marie-Theres Härtel, Tamara Lukasheva, and Susanne Paul. They share a common passion for discovery and draw inspiration from their travels, where they encounter unknown languages, unfamiliar sights, and various sensory impressions. These experiences resonate in their compositions, where they sing about diverse themes like life, letting go, grandmothers, tomatoes, and trumpets.The trio was formed in 2014 when Marie-Theres Härtel was inspired to combine two string instruments and singing. Shortly after, they performed their debut concert at the Vienna concert house. In 2017, they released their first record titled Bleib ein Mensch (Stay Human). The group's unique style and musical expression caught the attention of the Austrian support program NASOM, resulting in nominations for their work in 2018 and 2019. They went on to travel extensively, taking their music halfway around the world.Tamara Lukasheva, originally from Odessa, Ukraine, received a professional vocal apprenticeship at a young age. She performed with renowned jazz musicians and moved to Germany in 2010 to study at the Academy of Music and Dance in Cologne.Kusimantinien is described as the home of bold euphony and tasteful singing, where diverse musical elements like funk and yodel blend harmoniously, and unusual time signatures like 7/4 are creatively explored. The trio's compositions combine Alpine and eastern European folklore with experimental art song passages, creating a captivating musical tapestry. The captivating voice of Tamara Lukasheva takes center stage, while Marie-Theres Härtel's viola and Susanne Paul's cello add depth and richness to the sound.The trio's performances are characterized by infectious joy, creativity, and a jazzy, sometimes metrically challenging drive.

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