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Krill - Alam No Hris


Alam No Hris

Release date: November 18, 2022
Label: Sipsman
Krill's debut album Alam No Hris is celebrating its tenth birthday in 2022. With assistance from actual label Sipsman, the band’s fake label Sren Records has remastered Alam No Hris for the occasion and pressed it to vinyl for the very first time, available November 18 worldwide. Simply put, Alam No Hris is a baker’s dozen of nervy, charming, lofi missives disguised as garage pop songs. “Whenever I think about Alam No Hris – the repetitive, incoherent joy on display in many of the songs – I think of it as ‘ecstatic’,” bassist/vocalist Jonah Furman says. “The whole thing is like someone stammering to express themselves in a moment of overwhelming emotion. Ecstatic in the full sense, of standing outside of yourself.”
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