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Kota The Friend - Lyrics To Go Vol. 1

Kota The Friend

Lyrics To Go Vol. 1

Release date: December 16, 2022
While Kota epitomizes what it means to be a true Brooklyn creative, honing his craft as a rapper, producer, photographer, and visual storyteller, Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1 exhibits that his contributions to the hip-hop landscape serve as the pinnacle to his varied creativity. Carefully composed across a consistent, chillwave soundscape, Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1 calls attention to the dichotomy of life, and how it's perpetual obstacles tend to have a destabilizing impact on our mental health and conceptions of fulfillment. Kota has made it apparent that the beautifully crafted 10-track project is more than just an audible experience - it's rooted in complex ideas and thoughtful interpretation across multiple mediums.
  • 1. Can't Please Everybody
  • 2. Lazy River
  • 3. She
  • 4. Open on Sunday
  • 5. New York with Love
  • 6. Hero
  • 7. Berlin
  • 8. Forks
  • 9. Flu Game
  • 10. Retirement Plan
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