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Konx-Om-Pax -Ways Of Seeing


Ways Of Seeing

Release date: June 14, 2019
Label: Planet Mu
Syle: Electronica
On Ways Of Seeing Konx-om-Pax has switched up the mood and hit gold. He has made an album filled with joy and sunshine, saturated with the feel of Berlin Techno. Tom Scholefield has moved on from the dark ambient and brittle rave of the first two Konx-om-Pax albums, which were a reflection of his hometown Glasgow's music scenes. After a recent move to Berlin, the textures of Glasgow's musical strains have fused into an accessible and friendly mix of poppy melodic electronica built from a stricter 'less is more' sound pallete, closer in spirit to the music of his adopted city. It's also a record which was made in opposition to recent music he has been hearing, in particular the troubled, dark and noisy experimental music coming out of Berlin. Tom wanted to focus on more joyful qualities, making this a record imbued with warmth and happiness, a panacea to the darkness and disorientation all of 2019. Stripped away to just the good bits, 'Ways Of Seeing' is a pleasure to listen to.
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14 June 2019 / More records