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 Konradsen - Saints & Sebastian Stories


Saints & Sebastian Stories

Release date: October 25, 2019
Label: Cascine
Syle: Rock
Konradsen is the Oslo-based duo of Jenny Marie Sabel and Eirik Vildgren. Together they create pensive pop songs that explore the interior and weave a world uniquely their own. Konradsen's material is simultaneously sparse and full, a layered patchwork of hushed vocals, muted piano, atmospheric electronic productions and ambient foley. Their debut album, Saints and Sebastian Stories, is a collection of arrestingly beautiful piano-based pop songs, underpinned by a loose, hymnal quality, and imbued with a nostalgic warmth. As the music breathes, unexpected textures flicker in and out of the mix: clips from films that Jenny's father made in the 80s and 90s, conversational snippets from a family dinner, flashes of experimental production, harmonic tinkering on the piano. Konradsen are compelling in their homespun sincerity, and refreshing in their singular newness.
  • 1. Never Say A
  • 2. Big Bruce
  • 3. Television Land
  • 4. Dice
  • 5. Cosmic Kid Vibration
  • 6. Baby Hallelujah
  • 7. Warm Wine
  • 8. No One Ever Told Us
  • 9. Odd Mistake
  • 10. Red to Rhyme [Explicit]
  • 11. Roasted
  • 12. Give
  • 13. Written to the Others
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