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January 18, 2019
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EVEN MORE THAN WITH A BAND, THE CREATIVE WORK OF A SOLO ARTIST IS THE DIRECT AND UNADULTERATED REFLECTION OF RECENT EXPERIENCES, A MIRROR OF THE SOUL, AN UNDILUTED REACTION TO THEIR CURRENT LIFE SITUATION. THIS FORMULA HAS ALWAYS APPLIED TO GERMAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC ARTIST, COMPOSER AND PRODUCER KLAUS SCHULZE. The astonishing number of albums recorded and released by him is virtually impossible to pinpoint (experts estimate the number of releases featuring Schulze to be at least 200, but more probably 500). “Shadowlands” contains five tracks of mind expanding explorations into space and loads of calming tranquility. The epic title track opts for more menace, and will remind some of the early Tangerine Dream material, complete with ominous synth & Mellotron sounds. Released for the first time ever on vinyl (180g), this three-disc gatefold set features a special etching on Side F (Disc 3).

  • 1. Shadowlights
  • 2. Shadowlights, Part #2
  • 3. In Between
  • 4. Licht Und Schatten
  • 5. Tibetanian Loops

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