King Pari Mary EP

Release date:
January 19, 2024
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King Pari is an almost accidental project. Cameron Kinghorn (Nooky Jones) and Joe Paris Christensen (PHO) didn't even set out to start a band. When Joe texted Cameron some jams whipped up on his tape machine, Cameron hit him back with "what is this? I want in". Ten minutes before they first linked up, Joe built the loop for their first single, 'Sunshine,' which they then wrote on the spot in a flurry on collective inspiration. The rest of their forthcoming 'MARY EP' grew from recording sessions in Joe's Northeast Minneapolis bedroom, a guest house in New Orleans and a cabin in rural Wisconsin. Minneapolis left an obvious mark - the influence of Prince and the Minneapolis Sound, approached from a fresh psychedelic angle. It's been called stonersoul, lo-fi R&B, dub meets 80's electro with a heavy dose of funk.

  • 1. The Who's It Now Intro
  • 2. Understanding
  • 3. Ya'llright?
  • 4. Snowday
  • 5. Mary
  • 6. Sunshine
  • 7. Wouldn't It Be Nice?

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