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Kimyou Reitaro - Tamaranai Yokan (Clear Blue)

Kimyou Reitaro

Tamaranai Yokan (Clear Blue)

Release date: February 24, 2023
Kimyo Reitaro's full album 'Tamaranai Yokan' released in April 2022 for the first time in about 4 years has been converted to analog with clear blue vinyl specifications!Kimyo Reitaro, a solitary singer-songwriter who is active in many fields with his ephemeral and lyrical 'voice'. Following the mini-album 'Humming Bird' released last year, this work also has Naohisa Hayase (Bebechio) as the producer, and all 11 songs recorded are new songs newly written.
  • 1. Atai No Jeans
  • 2. Kininaru
  • 3. Kasumisou
  • 4. Kujira
  • 5. Daiji Na Hanashi
  • 6. Nidone
  • 7. RH-
  • 8. Laundry Night
  • 9. Shojo Manga
  • 10. Seahorse Spawn
  • 11. Tamaranaiyokan
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