Kim Trio Riverside Rendezvous: 12 Hits (Green)

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April 12, 2024
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Kim Trio, a unit of siblings Kim Pa, Kim Dan, and Kim Seon, only released two albums during their short-lived music career of three years in Korea. Born into a family of prominent musicians, the trio soon moved to America where they honed their skills at local clubs. The pair of albums that capture the band's unique Korean rendition of funky groove sounds were a major milestone in Korean gayo history, and remain sought-after among today's gayo aficionados and DJ's. The Trio's original songs feature sleek melodies and funky disco grooves that come to life through well-crafted musicianship. This definitive compilation captures the essence of the Kim Trio sound: from the early hit 'The Waterfront' to the sophisticated slow jam that was way ahead of it's time, 'Goodbye to You'. The Kim Trio: So Much More than 'The Waterfront'. The Kim Trio are three siblings: Kim Pa, Kim Dan, and Kim Seon. Their father was trumpeter Benny Kim (Kim Young-soon), well-known for his appearances on the 8th US Army show circuits. Their mother was Lee Hae-yeon, who had a hit with 'Heartbreak at Miari'. The family had moved to America in 1973. In the state of Illinois, Kim Pa graduated from the College of DuPage while Dan and Seon graduated from Glenbard West and Glenbard East High Schools, respectively. Seon took piano lessons since she was in kindergarten. The three siblings would receive professional training in various instruments, including enrollment in drum school. Eventually, Pa would master the bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, piano, and various percussion, while Dan mastered the guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet. Seon specialized in the piano, organ, Moog synth, drums, flute, trumpet, and various percussion. On stage, Pa, Dan, and Seon would respectively be in charge of drums, guitar, and keyboards. On March 30th, 1979, the trio would set foot in Korea for the first time in 7 years. They were accompanied by their father Benny Kim, who facilitated their signing up with Anta Productions due to his connections with Ahn Chi-haeng, who he knew from the 8th US Army days. It didn't take long for the trio to ascend to the top tier of Anta's roster, along the likes of Choi Heon, Yoon Soo-il, and the Hee Sisters. The members being the children of the illustrious Benny Kim, of the Benny Kim Show, was one factor. But more than anything, they already had scored a massive hit with 'The Waterfront'. However, the success of this track would end up becoming a hindrance for the band. 'The Waterfront', which was produced according to Ahn Chi-haeng's keen reading of music industry trends, differed from the rest of the tracks on the album which were closer to the style of music the Trio were hoping to achieve. Fans of 'The Waterfront' were looking forward to something similar, with little time to spare on appreciating the band's core sound. However, the debut album is full of intense tracks that showcase not only rock-solid musicianship, but also just how forward-looking their vision was.

  • 1. Graffiti
  • 2. The Waterfront
  • 3. Young Girl
  • 4. Tell You Softly
  • 5. The Way You Look (Keep on Dancing)
  • 6. Everlasting Love
  • 7. You in My Dreams
  • 8. To the Sky's Edge
  • 9. Not Lonely (I Will Survive)
  • 10. Tick, Tock
  • 11. What Am I to Do?
  • 12. Goodbye to You

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