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Kilo Kish - American Gurl

Kilo Kish

American Gurl

Release date: February 03, 2023
Today, interdisciplinary artist and performer Kilo Kish (Kish Robinson) releases her critically acclaimed sophomore album AMERICAN GURL, featuring Vince Staples, Miguel, Jean Dawson and Jesse Boykins III. The album is an infectious slice of psychedelic art-pop supported by industrial beats that speaks to outrunning perceptions of identity, status, and race. The album includes singles "NEW TRICKS: ART, AESTHETICS AND MONEY" ft. Vince Staples and "NO APOLOGY!" and is accompanied by a series of mixed media film works, with one for each track, designed by Kish who is an acclaimed visual artist with prior film screenings at The Getty Center, The Hammer Museum, the Museum of Image and the iconic Los Angeles gallery HVW8.
  • 1. Play 00:34
  • 2. American Gurl 03:43
  • 3. Death Fantasy Ft. Miguel 02:09
  • 4. Distractions III: Spoiled Rotten 03:03
  • 5. No Apology! 03:15
  • 6. Bloody Future 03:24
  • 7. Choice Cowboy 02:53
  • 8. Attention Politician 03:18
  • 9. New Tricks: Art, Aesthetics, and Money Ft. Vince Staples 03:09
  • 10. TV Baby V.2 01:56
  • 11. On the Outside (Justin's Song) 03:35
  • 12. Super Ko Love 03:35
  • 13. Intellegent Design Ft. Jesse Boykins III 03:38
  • 14. Continue? 00:59
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