Kenneth Lampl The Furies Original Soundtrack

Release date:
August 16, 2024
Pre-order vinyl:

Scare Flair is thrilled to announce the original motion picture score to Tony D'Aquino's hit film The Furies by Kenneth Lampl and Kirsten Axelholm available for the first time on any format. One of the most watched films on Shudder since it's release, the Tony D'Aquino Australian survival horror slasher has been building itself a cult following for it's inventive kills, excessive gore, and hammering score. The Furies tells the story of Kayla, a young girl who is kidnapped. When she wakes up in a black coffin in the middle of a forest she quickly learns that she and others are being hunted by a group of masked men as part of a deadly game. The film is a mash-up of The Running Man meets Friday the 13th. The score is a tension filled orchestral murder spree that does not let up throughout the film. It's a pummeling masterwork of precise timing, tempo, and dread. How exactly do you write music to a scene involving a masked madman using an axe to slice the skin off a woman's face? Lampl and Axelholm were tasked with just that, and they killed it! Kenneth Lampl has scored over 100 films, and recently released the score to the hit film Sissy. He studied film composing under a fellowship with John Williams. This special vinyl release features brand new artwork by artist Brad Mrock on a deluxe limited jacket that has spot UV gloss on the front covers titles.

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