Keller Williams - Add

Keller Williams


Release date: August 09, 2019
Label: Self-Released
Syle: Rock
''Outside of the Grateful Dead itself, there isn't anyone in the jam scene as prolific as Keller Williams.'' - Culture Magazine ''Williams inhabits an equal parts entrancing and perplexing center of a Venn diagram that includes bluegrass, jamgrass, musical humorism, satire, and instrumental prowess that combines flatpicking sensibility with Phil Keaggy-style ingenuity.'' - The Bluegrass Situation With a prolific career spanning 23 studio records and numerous live recordings, Keller Williams has announced the release of his new album, Add, on May 31. The follow up to his 2018 entirely instrumental release, SANS, Add sees Williams now adding vocals back into both new and previously unrecorded songs, as well as his own versions of ''Brave Captain'' by Firehose and Joni Mitchell's ''All I Want.'' Of the first single titled ''The Big One,'' Williams says, ''I'm excited for 'The Big One' to see the light of day, as it's had tons of stage time and no real place on any of my last few releases.''

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09 August 2019 / More records