Kelakos Hurtling Towards Extinction

Release date:
January 19, 2024
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Kelakos is a seventies rock band with roots in Boston and Upstate New York, known for fusing powerful rock rhythms and guitar leads with strong vocals, catchy songwriting, and rich, varied production. Now forty-four years after their first album, Gone Are the Days, Kelakos returns stronger than ever with a new 12-song album release, Hurtling Towards Extinction. The band consists of its namesake George Kelakos Haberstroh on vocals/guitar, Mark Sisson on rhythm guitar, Linc Bloomfield holding down the bass, who after Kelakos wound up in a high lever career in Washington, and rounded out by Carl Canedy who went to play with The Rods and produce albums by Anthrax, Overkill, Blue Cheer, Exciter, etc… Hurtling Towards Extinction consists of 12 new songs with highlights such as “Livin on the Planet Love” and “Smoke and Mirrors”, while makingsure there is something for everyone on this release.

  • 1. Livin on the Planet Love
  • 2. Snakebit
  • 3. The Lone Road
  • 4. Downhill Slide
  • 5. Smoke and Mirrors
  • 6. Play It Like You Mean It
  • 7. Austin Chill
  • 8. Back to Me
  • 9. Golden Sun
  • 10. Florida Flash Flood
  • 11. See Me Go
  • 12. Where Magic Grows

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