Kari Faux Real B-Tches Don't Die! (Neon Violet)

Release date:
October 13, 2023
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Neon Violet Vinyl. Kari Faux can't be stopped. The Arkansas native makes a full-circle return on her third album, REAL B*TCHES DON't DIE!, a 12-track ode to her Southern roots. The LP weaves Kari's crisp production with her laid-back and bossy flow, gliding through her Dirty South roots with ease, and nodding to Outkast and UGK as influences while the femcee asserts her power. At the heart of her latest effort, the rapper and singer-songwriter keeps the regional vibe authentic with her unabashedly dominant energy. As Kari was overcome by "industry standards" and becoming completely depressed by them, she decided to make the return home, an immediately and obviously grounding move. She notes, "this album is my best work yet and it's an homage to the loved ones I've lost, Southern rap and my ability to alchemize pain that would break some people. My friend and collaborator, TheMIND, convinced me to go to Chicago and work with him and Phoelix. Phoelix and I ultimately fell in love over the course of making this album and that love is in every fiber of this album.

  • 1. Real B*Tches Don't Die!
  • 2. H-Town
  • 3. Me First
  • 4. Gemini+
  • 5. Turnin' Heads
  • 6. Money Angels
  • 7. Dog
  • 8. White Caprice
  • 9. Make a Wish
  • 10. Thank You!
  • 11. Past Life
  • 12. Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts
  • 13. Borrowed Time

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