Kalen & Aslyn Back Of Our Minds

Release date:
July 10, 2020
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Some of these songs stretch back ten years, and some of them are brand new. It wasn't something we consciously set out to do, but we ended up recording an album that spans our entire journey together: falling in love, breaking up, getting married, leaving home, coming back. - Aslyn Nash It's hard to think of a more fitting introduction to that journey than Back Of Our Minds, Kalen & Aslyn's gorgeous debut. Written over the course of a decade in which the Athens, Georgia-based duo was primarily known for their own respective projects, the songs here represent something of a look behind the curtain, a captivating series of musical journal entries that reveal the evolution of a relationship in all its messy, honest, imperfect beauty. Kalen & Aslyn produced the album themselves, and their subtle touch is a perfect match for the record's intimate, understated performances, which at times

  • 1. Heather
  • 2. Loving You Still
  • 3. Girlfriend
  • 4. Calm Down
  • 5. Don't Take It Out On Me
  • 6. Fate
  • 7. Killing Time
  • 8. California
  • 9. Who Knows Your Heart
  • 10. Back Of Our Minds

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