Kacey Johansing Year Away

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Kacey Johansing’s latest album Year Away will be released July 28 via Night Bloom Records. In March of 2020, after learning that a dear friend’s life was coming to an end, Johansing sat down and in one sitting wrote the song “Daffodils”. An elegiac tribute to someone facing death with grace and curiosity, the lyrics confront Johansing’s own mortality by observing the brief lifespan of a flower. Only a week later when the world came to an abrupt standstill, she soon found herself processing this recent loss while trying to make sense of a new global reality. Across the ensuing months, Johansing found herself increasingly untethered by a world of isolation and political upheaval. Throughout Year Away Johansing traverses uncharted emotional landscapes brought upon by the changes occurring all around her. The forced self-reflection of the moment is aptly captured by “Old Friend”, featuring an aching melody and swooning production that recalls the best of Harry Nilsson. The epic piano and saxophone-driven “Smile with My Eyes” addresses the loss of community as friends became distant and political divides between family grew. On “Smile” Johansing pushes her vocals further than ever, expanding her range and using her peerless voice as the singular instrument it is. Facing the loss of a family home due to environmental destruction, “Shifting Sands” is marked by soaring flutes, field recordings and glassy synthesizers that nod to Japanese New Age. Though born of turbulent times, Year Away is ultimately interested in moving forward. 1. Year Away 2. Not the Same 3. Old Friend 4. Last Drop 5. Daffodils 6.Smile With My Eyes 7. Shifting Sands 8. Valley Green 9. Watch It Like A Show 10. Endless Sound

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