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K. Yoshimatsu - Marine Crystal

K. Yoshimatsu

Marine Crystal

Release date: June 24, 2022
Label: Jet Set
The first vinyl release of this hidden masterpiece of 80's city pop. 'Marine Crystal' released in 1985 by K. Yoshimatsu, a key figure/composer of the obscure Japanese label DD. Records. Only a very small number of cassette tapes were available, so this is mysterious for many years. But when it uploaded to Youtube, they attracted worldwide attention. All performances and singing by K. Yoshimatsu and recorded at his home. It sounds like breezy city pop, but the lyrical motif is dystopian. This is a treasure left in the Japanese underground. With Obi. 12' Outer Sleeve (3mm spine)https://youtu. Be/O5SfDFx3xkISIDE A1. Cosmic Colors2. Atoll Paradise3. Crystal Life4. Lost Heaven Beach5. BoomerangSIDE B1. Marine Club2. Night Traveler3. Head Jump4. Azure Mind5. Atlantic
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24 June 2022 / More records