Just Want To Be Myself: Uk Punk Rock 1977-1979 Just Want To Be Myself: Uk Punk Rock 1977-1979

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October 27, 2023
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Vinyl-only compilation celebrating the birth of independent Punk Rock in the UK! Includes some of the scene's key names - Alternative TV, U. K. Subs, 999, The Ruts, The Rezillos, The Boys, Angelic Upstarts, The Fall - alongside landmark collectable 45s by bands like Puncture, 'O' Level, The Wasps and The Rowdies. Limited edition of 1,000 copies. When punk arrived in late 1976, the scene acted as a catalyst for an explosion of independent labels which swiftly sprung up around the UK. Named after a classic track by Manchester's The Drones, 'Just Want To Be Myself' boasts classic sevens on imprints such as Small Wonder, The Label, Rough Trade, Dining Out, Deptford Fun City and Cherry Red (all London), Zoom (Glasgow), Attrix (Brighton), Heartbeat (Bristol), Good Vibrations (Belfast) and Bent (Manchester). Many of the individuals and bands featured would later enjoy success in various incarnations - for example, The Pack mutated into Theature Of Hate, The Outsiders' Adrian Borland attracted acclaim with his band The Sound, 'O' Level's Edward Ball made an impact with various acts including The Times and Leyton Buzzards evolved into pop combo Modern Romance! Pure Hell and The Electric Chairs' Wayne County were American but eligible here because the tracks were recorded in the UK.

  • 1. Eater -Outside View
  • 2. The Boys- First Time (Alternative Version)
  • 3. The Rezillos- I Can't Stand My Baby
  • 4. The Valves -Robot Love
  • 5. Puncture- Mucky Pup
  • 6. The Zeros- Hungry
  • 7. The Outsiders- One to Infinity
  • 8. The Electric Chairs- on the Crest
  • 9. The Drones- Just Want to Be Myself (LP Version)
  • 10. Maniacs- Chelsea 77
  • 11. 'O' Level- Pseudo Punk
  • 12. The Carpettes- Radio Wunderbar
  • 13. The Wasps- Teenage Treats
  • 14. V2- Speed Freak
  • 15. Social Security- I Don't Want My Heart to Rule My Head
  • 16. Patrik Fitzgerald- Safety-Pin Stuck in My Heart
  • 17. Angelic Upstarts- the Murder of Liddle Towers
  • 18. Alternative TV- Action Time Vision
  • 19. The Tights -Bad Hearts
  • 20. Leyton Buzzards -19 and Mad
  • 21. The Rowdies- A.C.A.B
  • 22. The Outcasts- Just Another Teenage Rebel
  • 23. U.K. Subs- C.I.D
  • 24. The Fall- Psycho Mafia
  • 25. The Ruts -In a Rut
  • 26. The Piranhas- Jilly
  • 27. Cockney Rejects- Flares 'N' Slippers
  • 28. Pure Hell -These Boots Are Made for Walking
  • 29. The Pack- King of Kings
  • 30. 999- Found Out Too Late
  • 31. The Adicts- Easy Way Out
  • 32. Spizzenergi -Where's Captain Kirk

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