Judge Dread - Bedtime Stories

Judge Dread

Bedtime Stories

Taking his stage name from a classic Prince Buster song, Judge Dread (born Alexander Minto Hughes) was one of the most popular UK reggae artists of all-time. Known for his salacious humor and over the top live shows Dread was a favorite among UK rude boys. The year 1975 was a big one for Judge Dread, he released several highly charting singles, including his over-the-top rendition of Serge Gainsbourg's sultry classic 'Je T'Aime' and the naughty holiday classic 'Christmas in Dreadland. ' The album Bedtime Stories, originally released late in 1975 reached the Top 30 of the UK charts. Featuring those singles and a host of other Dread classics, the album showcases Judge Dread's unique brand of braggadocio mixed with self-deprecating humor. Another UK reggae classic from Judge Dread reissued by Radiation.

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17 May 2019 / More records