Judee Sill - Songs Of Rapture & Redemption: Rarities & Live

Judee Sill

Songs Of Rapture & Redemption: Rarities & Live

Release date: August 24, 2018
Format: LP Album
Syle: Pop , Folk
Double vinyl LP pressing. Judee Sill may not have been commercially successful in her short recording stint, but her influence looms large with recording artists such as Warren Zevon, Andy Partridge, Liz Phair, Beth Orton, Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy and more having covered her songs. The Turtles recorded "Lady-O" in 1969, two years before Sill's 1971 debut album on Asylum Records contained that song. This collection includes demos and live recordings that are making their debut on the vinyl format and have never sounded better. With new artwork, liner notes and our typical deluxe packaging, this limited ROG release should not be missed.

  • 1. Intro/The Vigilante (Live)
  • 2. Lady-O (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 3. Enchanted Sky Machines (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 4. The Archetypal Man (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 5. Crayon Angels (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 6. The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 7. Jesus Was A Cross Maker (Live at Boston Music Hall)
  • 8. The Pearl (Remastered Version)
  • 9. The Phoenix (Remastered Version)
  • 10. Jesus Was A Cross Maker (Home Demo)
  • 11. The Desperado (Outtake)
  • 12. The Kiss (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 13. Down Where The Valley Are Low (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 14. The Donor (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 15. Soldier Of The Heart (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 16. The Phoenix (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 17. The Vigilante (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 18. The Pearl (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
  • 19. There's A Rugged Road (Solo Demo) [Remastered Version]
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24 August 2018 / More records

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