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Jucifer - Discipline



Release date: August 12, 2022
A glimpse at the hypnotic ??? album (coming soon on 2xLP!) this 7" strays far from the brutal excess Jucifer are best known for, but follows their tradition of resolutely unorthodox studio offerings. Blinding sunlight strikes silver in celebration: worn black cloth casts shadows over infinite dust. Founded in 1993, Jucifer pioneered the metal two piece. With 29 years of incessant touring the band carved it's reputation for literally towering onstage sound, which careens venomously from their walls of speakers in every extreme and tempo of metal and punk. Jucifer's motto "sludge, black, grind, thrash, death, crust, doom, combine" or more briefly "genre=obliterate" is fair warning.
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12 August 2022 / More records