Jose Afonso Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira

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December 9, 2022
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Legendary album series by the exceptional Portuguese artist and freedom fighter JOSE AFONSO, who is one of the most influential and influential singers and composers in Portugal. Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira (1972) appears for the first time completely remastered by Soundgarden Hamburg as CD and LP on MAIS 5. Born in 1929, JOSE AFONSO, also known as ZECA AFONSO or simply ZECA, became an icon in Portugal for the role his music played in the resistance against the dictatorial Estado Novo regime. His song Grândola, Vila Morena, which was officially banned in Portugal at the time, was used as the starting signal for the peaceful Carnation Revolution in 1974 and was broadcast on the radio on the night of April 25 to signal the Movimento das Forças Armadas (MFA) to oppose to raise the dictatorship. In the following years, over 15 albums were released, AFONSO played all over the world and is still considered a pioneering activist for human rights and against political oppression. Eu Vou Ser Como A Toupeira is a historically relevant album on which Afonso, despite pressing issues such as the murder of the painter and anti-fascist activist Dias Coelho by the PIDE or his own persecution, with fresh, lyrical songs inspired by poetry texts by e.g. Fernando Pessoa, tries to find solutions and dreams of a carefree, free life.

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