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Jordan Rakei -Origin

Jordan Rakei


Release date: June 14, 2019
Label: Ninja Tune
New Zealand-born, Brisbane-raised, and now London-based Jordan Rakei has stepped up to the plate since releasing Wallflower in 2017, stamping his authority as a talented songwriter, producer and live performer. Now, having undergone a process of evolution and reevaluation, grappling with big picture questions namely, technological growth, and how it affects our sense of humanity and responding to the changes in his personal life, he is back with a new album: Origin. Origin is overtly inspired by dystopian visions of our future - notably Charlie Brookers Black Mirror, Margaret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale and David Lynchs Twin Peaks: The Return - combined with Jordans inner contemplation of humanity and our existence. To engage these themes, Jordan channels the musicality of his heroes Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan, while lyrically positioning the album to follow the journey of a protagonist threatened by the growth of technology and how it can alienate us from the experiences and people around us
  • 1.Mad World
  • 2.Say Something
  • 3.Mind's Eye
  • 4.Rolling into One
  • 5.Oasis
  • 6.Wildfire
  • 7.Signs
  • 8.You & Me
  • 9.Moda
  • 10.Speak
  • 11.Mantra
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14 June 2019 / More records