Jonny Benavidez My Echo, Shadow &

Release date:
July 14, 2023
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The golden-voiced Chicano soul brother Jonny Benavidez is back on your platter and radio waves supported by the ever-faithful grooves of Cold Diamond & Mink. On the top side you can enjoy the group soul beat ballad "My Echo, Shadow and Me" which complements perfectly the two crossover gems that Jonny has released on Timmion's Stylart imprint in the past. When you flip the record over, you can drift away to mid-tempo soul heaven with the Mandells'esque "Playing The Fool". These tracks are done in a style which is quickly becoming the undeniable forte of Jonny, who can't help paying homage to the classic voices of his childhood stomping grounds in Texas. It's irresistible, it pulls you in, it's pure soul gold. This release comes with a folded picture sleeve.

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