John Hinckley Never Ending Quest B/W Majesty Of Love

Release date:
November 3, 2023
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In a surprising twist of fate, John Hinckley has reemerged in an unexpected realm- punk rock. This 7 released on esteemed punk rock label Rad Girlfriend Records, stands as a testament to Hinckley's journey of reinvention and resilience, channeling his passion for music into a platform that diverges from the infamous event that once defined his name. The record, infused with raw emotion and the unmistakeable spirit of punk rock, offers a glimpse into Hinckley's artistic evolutions. His musical career unfolds as a complex tapestry of redemption and self expression, tracing a path that sharply diverges from the headlines that made him infamous. The tracks on the 7 reflect a musical maturity cultivated over years of dedication to his songwriting. Rad Girlfriend Records, known for nurturing emerging punk talent, saw something unique in Hinckleys music. The label recognized the sincerity of his art, offering him a platform to share his voice with the world.

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