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Johanna Warren - Chaotic Good

Johanna Warren

Chaotic Good

Release date: May 01, 2020
Chaotic Good is Warren’s fifth full-length album and first for Wax Nine/Carpark Records. It represents a moment of rupture in the singer-songwriter’s career as she transitions away from the quiet, folk-adjacent work that defined her early solo albums with a bold statement piece that demonstrates the breadth of her ambition. Here, Warren flits between crushing admissions set to spare piano solos and muscular declarations of independence that have more in common with grunge acts of bygone years than anything we’ve heard from Warren in the past. “The last few years I’ve had an urge to change my name, or create some alter-ego,” she says. “But I’ve come to realize that ‘Johanna’ is already just a character. We think we know who we are based on what’s already happened, but we’re allowed to make new choices.” The oceanic, soothing single “Bed of Nails” illustrates that realization perfectly when Warren sings: “I tried a little bit too hard to be myself/It turned me into something else.”
  • 1. Rose Potion
  • 2. Part of It
  • 3. Only the Truth
  • 4. Bed of Nails
  • 5. Twisted [Explicit]
  • 6. Hole in the Wall
  • 7. Faking Amnesia
  • 8. Every Death
  • 9. Thru Yr Teeth
  • 10. Bones of Abandoned Futures
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01 May 2020 / More records