Jogo Duro Compro Ouro

Release date:
July 5, 2024
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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jogo Duro, a collaboration between Ilhan Ersahin and some outstanding São Paulo musicians Guizado, Ze Nigro, Samuel Fraga, Chicao & Tony Gordin who also happen to be great friends. These are players who will be familiar to those following the careers of Céu, Otto, Curumin, Tulipa Ruiz and the late, great Gal Costa. This record is the result of the amount of time Ilhan has spent in São Paulo over the last decade due to putting on the Nublu Jazz Fest there every year. With all the contacts, connections and friendships formed over the course of making an annual music festival happen, musical cross-pollination (usually simply referred to as "jams") was inevitable but this time it was decided to do it in a studio with tape rolling rather than on stage, which is certainly a more productive approach than merely talking about it over beers at a local bar! Everything happened fairly spontaneously over three days in the studio, everybody brought songs, ideas and creative energy and before you know it an album was born, which will be released in November after three singles come out over the spring and summer.

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