Joel Sarakula Midnight Driver B/w I'm Still Winning (Blood Orange Clear)

Release date:
October 27, 2023
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Midnight Driver, the new single from London-based soft-rock, disco, and funk specialist Joel Sarakula is a driving soft-rock fantasy where the narrator laments his partner's nocturnal habits by pleading 'When she's coming up it gets me down'. The Californian sun-kissed guitars, smooth vocal stylings, and Latin percussion all help to set a cinematic mood which unsurprisingly also makes it a great driving song. On the flip side is 'I'm Still Winning', a 70s disco-inspired track where Sarakula fully immerses himself in the shady world of casinos and high-stakes gambling. Sounding like a defiant riposte from the title character of The Eagles' 'Desperado', Sarakula sings 'like a junky when he gets his fix, an old dog with some brand new tricks, playing cards is how I get my fix and I'm still winning' with a vocal channeling 70s icons Boz Scaggs and Ned Doheny.

  • 1. Midnight Driver
  • 2. I'm Still Winning

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