Joan Bibiloni Cofio Recorda Remembrance

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March 1, 2024
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The sweeping poem 'Cofio' by the great Welsh poet Waldo Williams has inspired a remarkable collaboration between Ibiza-based record label NuNorthern Soul, Welsh DJ, performer and cultural commentator Gareth Potter, composer and musician Joan Bibiloni, poet and actor Pep Tosar Vaquer, actor Rhys Ifans and musician James Baron aka JIM / Ron Basejam. March 1st is St David's Day and Balearic Day. St David's Day honors the death of the patron saint of Wales and the Day of the Balearic Islands the day when the Balearic islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca became an autonomous region of Spain.'Cofio Recorda Remembrance' is made up of two powerful and haunting tracks drenched in NuNorthern Soul's unique take on the globally popular Balearic Chillout style. 'Un Adeu' features music by Joan Bibiloni, remixed by James Baron with Pep Tosar Vaquer reading the poem in Catalan and Spanish. 'Badia Onirica is a tremendously atmospheric reading of 'Cofia' in Welsh and English by Rhys with music again arranged by James. It connects Wales and Ibiza but, on a more universal level, 'Cofio Recorda Remembrance' links the fundamental aspects of human existence, of, as Waldo Williams puts it 'earth's innumerable generations'.Tracklisting:A1. 'Badia Onirica' [Welsh Version]A2. 'Badia Onirica' [English Version]A3. 'Un Adeu' [Instrumental Version]B1. 'Un Adeu' [Catalan Version]B2. 'Un Adeu' [Spanish Version]B3. 'Badia Onirica' [Instrumental Version]

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